Usually we send out your order within 1 - 3 days after receipt of your payment. The final delivery date depends on your destination country, for EU countries is usually 3 working days from sending the order, but should not take longer than 18 days within Europe. Exception is for products that have under their description warning: DELIVERY FROM 7 – 14 WORKING DAYS. Goods are subject to availability. As there is a delay between the time when the order is placed and the time when the order is accepted, the stock position relating to particular items may change. If the goods are not in stock, the supplier will notify you via e-mail, set a reasonable deadline for delivery of goods or cancel the order.

Delivery time is expressed in number of working days. If the delivery takes longer, provider will send you an e-mail notification of the expected delay of delivery. Provider reserves the right to temporary or permanent limit or discontinues the sale of certain products, or even all. Provider deserves the right to, for a definite or indefinite period of time, restrict access to the online shop or completely stop access to the online store or otherwise restrict or suspend the operation of the online store.

Please make sure that you receive an undamaged package (if necessary open the package in the presence of the postman). Do not, in any case accept a damaged delivery (e.g. an opened box or similar) since by doing this you implicitly confirm the reception of undamaged items.


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Credit card/Debit card/Paypal

You can pay safely with Paypal, by credit card or debit card (we use Paymill). In case you decide to pay by credit card please indicate your credit card number as well as the date of expiry of your credit card on the order form. Apart from shipping and handling no further costs will arise.

Payment in advance by bank transfer

With the order confirmation you will get all the information details to execute the payment. Payment is due in 5 working days.
Your order will be proceed as soon as we received the payment on our account.